BJS Group – Joint Sealing – Silicon Joint Sealing (Caulking).

Joint Sealing
• Silicon joint sealing (Caulking)
• Waterproofing
• Joins, cracks, crevices, uneven gaps
• Expansion joints
• Commercial, residential and industrial
• Protection of wet areas
• Improved asthetics
• Colour matching
• Mould and insect prevention
• Added Insulation

• Commercial buildings

• Walkways,

• Sporting facilities

• Kitchens and bathrooms

• Windows

• Pools

• Car Parks

• Shopping Centres

• Driveways


Based in Brisbane, BJS Group works alongside trade industry leaders to provide high quality installation, maintenance and certification for commercial and residential Joint Sealing and Fire Containment. We take care of a wide range of projects including commercial buildings, walkways, sporting facilities, kitchens and bathrooms, windows, pools, car parks and shopping centres to name a few.

Our Joint Sealing Team specialise in Silcon Joint Sealing. See gallery below for examples of the types of projects and locations we work on.

Frequently asked questions

What is Internal Joint Sealing?
Sealing of joints, cracks, crevices, uneven gaps, splash backs, wet area joints, within the Internal space of buildings using technically advanced, developed and specialised Neutral Cure Silicon.

Why is Joint Sealing important to you?
It’s a cost efficient investment that protects your home, business, office fittings & equipment, household items, and your property investment for the long term from;

  • Moisture Entry
  • Liquid Seepage – Contaminated Liquids from internal or external sources
  • Water Leaks from Rain or Ground Water
  • Mould Build Up
  • Insect Entry
  • Rotting of unprotected wooden features or furniture
  • Heat Escape, or Entry into the building, costing you more in aircon or heating bills
  • Cool/Cold Air temperature entry, or escape from your building, reducing cooling or heat retention efficiency of your building – affecting your operating costs
  • Unsightly uneven gaps

Our professional internal joint sealing job adds value to your property for all of the above reasons as well as improving the aesthetic eye pleasing finish with coordinated silicon sealant colour to match your décor, and ease of cleaning in all sealed joint areas.

What is Caulking?

The term ‘Caulk’, ‘Caulking’, and ‘Caulker’ all derive from the oldest of nautical trades in which ‘caulk’ was used to seal leaks in ships. Here is the dictionary definition…

caulk (v.)

late 14c., “to stop up crevices or cracks,” from Old North French cauquer, from Late Latin calicare “to stop up chinks with lime,” from Latin calx (2) “lime, limestone” (see chalk). Original sense is nautical, of making ships watertight. Related: Caulked; caulking. As a noun, “caulking material,” by 1980 (caulking in this sense was used from 1743). Related: Caulker.

Is there a Difference Between Silicon Caulking & Joint Sealing?

No. Silicon Caulking is exactly the same as Joint Sealing and the terms are interchangeable. ‘Joint Sealing’ is the modern day term now commonly used in the construction industry for internal & external joint sealing.

What materials does BJS Group use?

We use industry standard, technically advanced, elastic, waterproof, Neutral Cure Silicon (less pungent then earlier sealant types) specifically for the purpose of sealing joints inside buildings and in wet areas such as;

Where do you find joint sealing?

Bathrooms, Kitchens And Laundries,Cabinetry, Skirtings on Wooden Floors and Tiles, Windows, Ceramic, Stone, Porcelain and Marble Tiles



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